Car Hire by the Hour

Car Hire by the Hour Hourly car rentals are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in cities where car ownership is costly and roads are becoming increasingly congested. Hiring a car by the hour is a convenient and affordable alternative to owning a car. They are also good alternatives to long-term rentals, especially when drivers only need a car hire for a short errand or to get to a business meeting when time is short.

Why an Hourly Car Rental

There are a number of reasons why a driver might want to hire a car at an hourly rate rather than book a long-term rental. An hourly car rental gives you access to a car when you need it at a low cost. There may be times that you need a larger car for just a short period of time, for example to move furniture or shuttle family members to a reunion. You may also be pressed for time and need a flexible transportation option. Public transport might not be able to get you to where you need to be fast enough. Renting a car by the hour might also be needed when public transport cannot take you to where you need to go due to limited routes offered by buses and trains. An hourly car hire can take you to any destination. Since rentals are available at an hour, you are also not restricted by bus or train schedules that might conflict with your plans or needs.

Hourly Car Rental Options

Hiring a car by the hour is a good option for commuting, running errands or for any short-term purpose when travelling from point A to point B. There are two options for renting a vehicle by the hour - renting directly with an agency or enrolling with a car club or shared vehicle service.

Hourly car rentals are available from most car rental agencies. Rentals can be booked over the phone or online directly with a car rental agency, even with very short notice. Cars can also be booked by visiting a car hire branch. Renting a car hire by the hour from a rental agency requires no long-term commitment or enrollment with a service provider, like a car club scheme. As a result, drivers get immediate access to a vehicle whenever a car is needed.

The other option to rent a car by the hour is to join a car club. Car clubs are generally a better transportation alternative for drivers looking to make longer term changes in the way they commute or travel. Shared vehicles are available at hourly rates for drivers who register with a shared car service. When enrolling, the car club will validate your driver's licence before issuing a swipe card that gives you access to vehicles at designated car parks. This option might not be the best if immediate access to a car is required or if you do not have plans to use a shared vehicle service on a regular basis.

Benefits of Renting Cars by the Hour

Car hire by the hour provides flexible and affordable access to a vehicle, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. For occasional drivers, the cost of owning a car might be prohibitive. Owning your own car can be very costly with regular payments for insurance, MOT and tax. There are also ongoing maintenance and servicing costs when you own your own car. Hourly car rentals typically have fuel and insurance included, especially if you are using a shared car service like a car club. Hourly car rentals are also more affordable than using taxis on a regular basis. Car Plus, a non-government agency that promotes the growth and use of car clubs in the UK, estimates that shared travel options like hourly car hires and car clubs can save up to £1,000 annually on transport costs. A car clubs member that drivers less than 6,000 to 8,000 miles annually can save up to £3,500 annually.

Renting a car is also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint. Renting a car by the hour can help cut carbon emissions and reduce congestion on roads. The average car owner in the UK produces more than two tonnes of CO2 each year. Renting a car or joining a car club as alternatives to car ownerships dramatically reduces this impact. For every shared vehicle operated by a car clubs, an estimated 20 privately-owned vehicles are also taken off the road according to Car Plus. This is because most car club members drive fewer miles than the average driver and may not necessarily need their own personal vehicle.