Carplus Carplus is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting accessible and low-carbon alternatives to traditional car use. The environmental transport non-governmental organisation also encourages shared mobility, including promoting the development and growth of car clubs. Carplus is also dedicated to looking at new ways of applying technology for greener transport and changing behaviours in the UK.

About Carplus

Founded in 2000, Carplus was created in response to environmental concerns about personal car use in the United Kingdom. The organisation's original mandate was to support the development and growth of car clubs and ride-sharing initiatives across the country. Originally known as the Community Car Share Network (CCSN), the organisation adopted its current name in 2004. Carplus has been a registered charity since 2002. Key public sector partners include Transport for London, Transport for London, and local councils in Bristol, Newport and Plymouth. The organisation's private sector partners include G-Fleet Services, Project Centre, Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy, Steer Davies Gleave, and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

Vision and Mission

The overall vision of Carplus is to be a leading voice in the move towards integrated low carbon transport solutions in the UK. The organisation's mission is to promote the use of affordable, integrated low carbon shared mobility solutions, such as car clubs. Carplus has established a reputation as a leader in the car clubs and car sharing sector, offering information on best practices and expert advice in shared mobility solutions.

Carplus is involved in a number of activities to promote the shared mobility and low carbon transport agenda. The organisation acts as an advocate and promotes the low carbon transport agenda within the public and private spheres. It also undertakes leading sector-specific research and analysis, shares good and best practice advice, assists with and guides programme delivery, provides consultancy services and support, and forms partnerships to delivery change. Carplus also provides market intelligence on the sector and transport policy.


Since it was established, Carplus has played an important role in promoting car clubs in the UK. Carplus has set up a car club sector accreditation programme and the delivers the Carplus Annual Survey, the only comprehensive report with sector-wide data. The organisation has also delivered Transport for London's Car Club Strategy and provided advice to local authorities across the UK, including Bristol, Shropshire and Newport councils. Carplus also founded Commonwheels, a community interest company that was spun-off as an independent operation under the Co-wheels brand. It also established the Developing Car Clubs programme in Scotland in partnership with Transport Scotland. The initiative has grown the number of car clubs in Scotland from three in 2010 to 16 in 2014. In 2000, the car club sector only numbered a handful of community-run car clubs in the UK. By 2014, the sector had more than 160,000 members and over 3,000 shared vehicles across England, Scotland and Wales.

Carplus Membership and Accreditation

Carplus runs a car club accreditation scheme, which provides public bodies such as local authorities with a tool to find operators. Major accredited operators include City Car Club, Co-wheels, Enterprise CarShare, Hertz 24/7 and Zipcar. Carplus is also a membership-based organisation. Membership fees help support the development of car clubs as well as the activities undertaken by Carplus when promoting low carbon transport alternatives. Individuals and organisations working within sustainable transport are eligible for membership, which provides unlimited access to best practice advice, research and literature as well as other benefits.

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