There are numerous resources to help you find a carpool in the UK. Websites dedicated to carpooling provide easy ways to find a ride or offer lift to others. Carpooling is a great way to save money and reduce congestion in UK towns and cities. It is also an environmentally friendly transport option, resulting in fewer cars on roads and motorways as well as lower carbon emissions.

Launched in 2010, has approximately 3.4 million registered users and offers more than 750,000 transport options to users in 45 countries. Carpool users find and advertise opportunities on social media, including Facebook, as well as online at and through the network's mobile app. Drivers are able to find available seats while passengers are able to search and book rides. Search options allow users to find top-rated carpools, women-only options, and vehicles with more space and specific amenities. Anyone sharing a ride also shares in the costs, which helps cut the price of travelling.

The group is part of the largest carpooling network in the world, Every month, moves over one million people in some 5,000 cities and 45 countries. is also the largest network of its kind in Europe, operating in Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland in addition to the UK. According to, the network has helped create over 30 million carpools and contributed towards reducing 860,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions around the world. Since it was launched in 2001, the worldwide carpooling network also estimates that it has helped saved over £1.2 billion for carpooling users.


Launched in 1999, Liftshare is the largest car sharing network in the United Kingdom with about half a million registered car sharers. The typical Lifeshare member saves approximately £1,000 each year on their daily commute by using the service. In addition to saving money and promoting a more environmentally sustainable method of transport, Lifeshare also markets the idea of building friendships through carpooling and car sharing. The social enterprise funds its free services by providing car sharing schemes to local councils, businesses, hospitals and universities, as well as for special events. Lifeshare clients include the BBC, Tesco, Heathrow Airport, the University of Reading, the University of Warwick, and the Environment Agency.

Joining Lifeshare is free and users simply register their details at Once registered, users can register a journey and search Lifeshare's database for possible matches. They can also post request for lifts. An internal messaging system is used to link car sharers with others in need of a lift. Lifeshare suggests that drivers and passengers share the cost of fuel for trips, although some rides may be offered for free. Making a profit from car sharing and charging addition costs could result in some drivers having their car insurance invalidated.


Karzoo is an initiative of h2a, a communication agency based in Luxembourg. In addition to advertising carpooling options for private users, Karzoo also delivers bespoke carpool solutions to companies and administrations in need of transport options for their staff. Clients are provided with a personalised site and customised services, including integrated maps, communication media and website hosting.

Individuals looking for a ride or offering a lift can register at and simply fill out an online form with their journey details. The service is free, although only Karzoo members can contact drivers and passengers in need of a lift. Karzoo is also available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The company estimates that several thousand members use the site to find car sharing options.


Over a million people use BlaBlaCar every month to find and advertise carpooling options. The social network boasts seven million members in 12 countries. BlaBlaCar estimates that is saves its members approximately £216 million every year as well reduced CO2 emissions by about 700,000 tonnes. Carpooling options are made available on a number of platforms, including Facebook, online and through the company's mobile app.

To offer a ride or look for one, users register at Members can create social profiles with information on everything from spoken languages to musical preferences and hobbies. There is even an option to indicate the level of in-car cattiness, the so-called "BlaBla preference". These profiles help users know what to expect when sharing a ride with other members. The website also features a price calculator that automatically suggests a price per passenger, although prices can be adjusted up. BlaBlaCar does set price caps to ensure drivers are not making profits.